The Best Blenders with Glass Jars – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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A blender is a versatile appliance in the kitchen. Apart from basic blending, high-end models allow you to perform a variety of additional functions, including multiple types of blending, dicing, chopping, even sautéing in some.

Being a must-have for many households, it is important to get a reliable model. It is extremely frustrating for a blender to get stuck, or just simply doesn’t produce the smooth results that you envisioned. A blender that does its job quickly and does it well, will add tons of value in your kitchen and save you a lot of time in the long run.

In this article, we talk about the advantages of getting glass blenders, how to shop for them, and our list of top picks for the best blenders with glass jars.

For most people, we recommend the Ninja Foodi blender for its high power and versatility, offering a lot of value for its price. The glass jar is not dishwasher-safe though, and for that, the Oster Core is a good alternative.

For budget-friendly options, the BLACK+DECKER is one that offers decent blending power in the price range, while the Hamilton Beach is one that offers a wide range of blending settings.

To skip straight to the full list, click here. Or if you need guidance picking the right one for your use cases, read our tips further down the article.

Glass Jar Blenders vs Plastic

This article is all about the best blenders with glass containers. But why glass? Are glass blenders better than plastic?

Even before bringing up anything else, glass by itself is often given a more premium status compared to plastic. It’s nicer, has more weight to it, and generally provides a higher consumer satisfaction. Although this is a nice cosmetic perception, there are actually a few more practical benefits of using glass jars in blenders.

For one, because the interior of the blender is frequently exposed to high speed blending of usually tough ingredients, the durability of glass holds up better. Because glass is more scratch-resistant than plastic, the interior doesn’t suffer as much etching and retains its surface clarity even after a long time.

Plastic also tends to absorb a little of the blend mixture’s odors over time, while this does not happen to glass jars. This is especially apparent if you do a lot of blending of strong-smelling ingredients. With a plastic blender, the odor stays around for a bit even after cleaning, but not for glass. Plastic also stains more easily than glass.

With that being said, keep in mind though that glass is still glass. They’re heavy, will shatter if you drop them, and are generally more expensive.

kitchen appliances including a blender on a countertop
We prefer blenders with glass jars, but ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Shopping Guide: What to Look For in Glass Jar Blenders

When shopping for a glass blender, be it for smoothies or kitchen-use or for any purpose at all, don’t just look at the brand. In many instances, you’re able to find an equally better one or in some cases, even better ones, from lesser-known brands for a lower price.

If you’re not sure what to look for in a glass jar blender, here are some things to take note of.


Picking the size of blenders is really easy. Some of the manufacturers label the capacity in cups, which translates really well into real-world use. This is especially true if you’re blending smoothies and drinks.

For a mid-size blender that balances well between utility value and tolerable dimensions, one with a 6-cup capacity, or 48oz, is usually the one to go for.


This matters mainly for those who need power and performance in their blending routines. If you do a lot of heavy blending on tough ingredients, a high wattage model is necessary. For this purpose, look for blenders that are rated at least around 1400W. This provides the maximum amount of flexibility and power for when you need it.

With higher wattage and power, comes noise. If you’re certain you don’t need the extra performance and hate a noisy blender sounding like the apocalypse, it’s sometimes even better to opt for a lower wattage model.

Do note that when specifying wattage, manufacturers often specify the peak wattage. What this means is, at some point during the blending process, the blender will hit the specified wattage. But this is not sustained throughout the entire blending process.

Pulsing functionalities

If you’re confused by what the term pulse means in this context, to pulse basically means to apply a moderate amount of processing for a short amount of time. This is usually implemented in the form of a button on blenders, where so long as you press onto it, the blender does its work. It stops when you let go of the button.

What this allows you to do is avoid liquifying your ingredients too much in undesirable scenarios. Say you want chopped up pieces of onion, or grinding some herbs, using the blender. If you were to throw them in, and start the blender, it’d be difficult to control the process with just the regular switches and buttons. Pulse allows you to apply more fine-grained control.

Not a necessity if you’re using mostly for liquid, like smoothies or soups. But if you’re planning to use the blender to chop up some ingredients into chunks, and not immediately liquifying them, the pulse functionality could prove to be useful.

If you’re going for juices however, a dedicated juicer is probably more suited as it does a better job at keeping the pulp out of your juice, if that’s what you’re going for.

close-up of a blender's controls
Some models offer pulsing on the other direction of its speed knob like this one, while others implement a button.

Our Top Picks of Best Blenders with Glass Jars

There are many choices of blenders on the market. It is admittedly more difficult to find ones with glass jars compared to plastic ones, but here are in our opinion, the best kitchen blenders with glass jars.

There are many good brands out there e.g. Kitchenaid, Breville, the portable Nutribullet etc. that we would love to have included in the list. Unfortunately even after searching high and low, it seems that many of them do not currently offer an option with a glass jar.

Just a note that there actually is a Kitchenaid blender with a glass jar, but it doesn’t look worthy of a recommendation so we’ve left it out.

Best Overall: Ninja Foodi HB152 1400W, 64oz

Being the one of the best rated blenders with glass jars on Amazon, this model from Ninja deserves some recognition. In our opinion, it’s pretty much the best blender with a glass container, offering the most value for your money.

Coming in a robust design and construction, it features a relatively heavy base packed with buttons and features. It has 12 intelligent modes that are all able to automate and match different pulsing patterns for specific types of blending and cooking. It also has a clear LED display to show the timer.

This blender is also highly versatile, being able to blend both cold and hot ingredients. It also comes with a heating element to heat up your blend, which isn’t commonly found.

While it does offer automated self-cleaning functionalities, it performed a little disappointingly in our experience. It gets the job done for light blending, but for heavy uses, e.g. onion or garlic with its sauté mode, manual cleaning is necessary.


  • Handles cold and hot blending
  • Peak power of 1400W paired with stainless steel blades make crushing tough ingredients a breeze
  • Comes with 800W heating element
  • 12 pre-programmed settings for smoothies, soup, extract, ice cream, sauce and more
  • Automatic heated cleaning


  • Self-cleaning functionality doesn’t work as well, so some manual cleaning time to time is necessary
  • Glass jar is not dishwasher-safe

Runner-Up: Oster Core 6878-042 700W, 40oz

If the model from Ninja is over your budget, this one from Oster to a pretty good one at almost half its price. It’s the best Oster blender with a glass jar out of their offerings, especially for the price.

While the base comes in a classic brushed chrome finish, it is in fact made of plastic. You get two jars with this model, a full-size 40oz one, and a smaller 24oz one that features different blades more suitable for chopping and dicing.

The blender offers very granular control, as it has 16 different speeds for you to choose from. However it doesn’t go up very fast due to its limitations in wattage, so if you’re regularly doing heavy blending, this might not be for you.

While not as flashy and high-powered as the one from Ninja, for average blending in the kitchen, this gets the job done well. That being said, we noticed that it gets noticeably louder than other blenders of its size. Make sure you’re okay with it if you’re planning to get this one.


  • 16 different speeds to allow for fine-grained control
  • Includes another 24oz jar with a food chopper attachment
  • Glass jar is dishwasher-safe


  • Louder than the average blender of its size
  • Flimsy buttons

Budget-Friendly Runner-Up: BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush 700W, 48oz

If you don’t mind having a limited selection of blender speeds, this one is a good option for a budget-friendly blender. It is also at the same time, because of its relatively compact dimensions, one of the best small blenders with a glass jar on the market.

Although it only has 4 settings for speed, this one crushes ice and frozen fruits very well for a blender of this price range. What you lose in the amount of control granularity, you gain in actual performance of the blender. This is also built with a construction that feels pretty sturdy and solid, so there’s very minimal cutting corners there.

Although it generally works well, sometimes bigger chunks of food get stuck around the blade. A few times when this happened, a light shake was actually necessary to keep it blending.

Other than that, it really is quite a steal for the price.


  • Glass jar is thick and feels premium
  • Jar, blade and lid are all dishwasher-safe
  • Base is compatible with single-serving glass bottles
  • Rubber feet keeps base from moving around


  • Only 4 speed settings
  • Big chunks of ingredients seem to get stuck around the blade sometimes

Best Budget-Friendly: Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender 700W, 40oz

For an option that goes even lighter at your wallet, this one from Hamilton Beach is worth looking into.

Offering about the same wattage and size as the previous one from BLACK+DECKER, it’s offered at an even lower price tag. However, it’s comparatively subpar at build quality.

Although it performs pretty well for some moderate blending, for tougher ingredients like ice cubes or hard frozen fruits, the results aren’t that satisfying. The blades sometimes have trouble blending through everything evenly, leaving chunks of fruit pieces.

That being said, the dicing and chopping functionalities work pretty well. And the reason how this is on the list is because it has a diverse range of blending options for you to choose from, which is hard to find at this price point.

One major caveat with a blender of this price though, is its lacking build quality. Several complaints have been made that show the blender breaking, often after using it frequently on frozen ingredients. For some occasional dicing and making smoothies out of thawed fruits, this provides pretty good value for money. But if you’re looking for some serious blending, the models from Ninja or Oster would be better picks, or even the BLACK+DECKER.

As far as cheap blenders go, we really don’t recommend going for anything that’s priced even lower than this one!


  • Wave-Action system consistently pulls mixture down to the blades for smooth results
  • Comes with 12 blending functions – from milkshake to smoothie, dicing to grating
  • Glass jar, lid, and even blades are dishwasher-safe
  • No-mess pour spout on the lid


  • Does not crush ice cubes and frozen fruits
  • Build quality is lacking
  • Slightly noisy

Best High-Powered: JAWZ High Performance 1600W, 64oz

Just a quick disclaimer – the jar here isn’t glass, but BPA-free high-quality plastic. Even though this article focuses on top rated blenders with glass jars, turns out it’s really hard to find a good powerful blender with glass jars.

But if you’re looking for the best high speed blender more than you are for one with a glass jar, then this JAWZ blender is perfect.

Putting out 3.5 peak horsepower performance, this easily sits among the commercial grade of blenders. It is powerful enough to blend grains into flour or turn hard nuts into nut milk. The blades are stainless steel and engineered for stronger crushing capabilities, housed in a high-quality Tritan plastic jar.

If you do a lot of tough blending and need a durable, powerful blender and don’t mind a plastic jar, this is a very easy recommendation.


  • Powerful and crushes anything you throw at it
  • Heavy and sturdy construction
  • Variable speed control dial with 10 settings
  • Jar includes 1.5oz measuring cap


  • Rather high-priced, especially for a blender with a plastic jar
  • With its power, comes noise

Best Aesthetics: Russell Hobbs BL3100RDR/BKR 700W, 48oz

If you’re picky about your kitchen aesthetics, we are fairly confident you’ll fall in love with this one. At least we immediately did! It even comes in two colors, so you’ll be able to pick the one that aligns closer to your current kitchen setup.

Sporting a vintage look, this blender does not sacrifice function for form. It offers 3 speed settings with pulse, controlling a 4-tip-blade setup in the interior. The blade speed gauge in front adds a really nice touch to the vintage look, but functionality-wise we would prefer some sort of a digital display instead.

The speed settings are basic, but usable. It comes with 3 settings, plus pulse. From our experience, even the highest speed lacks power in certain scenarios, especially if you’re crushing hard ice or frozen fruits. Perfectly fine for casual and the occasional use, but if you’re blending tough ingredients every day, we suggest looking elsewhere for a more powerful option.


  • Retro speed gauge on the front shows the blade speed in rotations per minute (RPM)
  • All removable parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Includes a removable lid insert that serves as a 1oz measuring cup
  • A tad quieter compared to its competitors


  • Blending power seems to be lacking
  • Funny smell of new units – possibly factory dust?

Best Portable: Americana EPB399M/C 300W, 17oz Mason Jar

Not exactly what you would call a kitchen blender. But we figured since glass portable blenders are hard to come by, it is worth including this in the list.

Coming in two colors – coral and mint – this is yet another option that has a pretty high aesthetic value. It is also pretty much the only recommendation-worthy portable blender that we have come across.

Apart from the 17oz glass mason jar, you get another portable 20oz sports bottle with the blender (plastic, not glass). If you plan to snag this though, do note that this is not an all-purpose kitchen blender, but more of a personal blender for smoothies and such.

Because this is such an underpowered appliance, don’t expect to be able to just throw whole frozen fruits into it. If you’re using ice cubes, limit the number to only a few at a time, and chop the fruits into smaller chunks before blending.

If you’re looking for serious blending, this is obviously not a good choice. But if you’re looking for a small and nice-looking blender for casual purposes like making your post-workout blend, this is perfect.


  • Compact size that is hard to find elsewhere
  • Includes two containers – a 17oz glass mason jar and a 20oz BPA-free plastic bottle
  • Suction cups on the bottom of the base
  • Jar and bottle are dishwasher-safe


  • Only offers one speed

Stay Away From: Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix Glass Jar Blender

We’ve seen this one floating around the online space as a recommendation for a glass jar blender, but do yourself a favor and stay away from this!

While it looks simple and minimalist, and is a tempting buy, there are some concerns and issues with quality control. The major issues we have seen people having include leaking from the glass jar, as well as the blade showing really bad signs of wear. In certain cases, part of the blade actually melts and smokes, which gives off a bad smell.

Customer service doesn’t seem to be prompt in resolving these issues as they pop up as well. So to save you some headache, it’s best to just skip this model altogether and go for something else. Plenty of good options out there.

How to Pick for Your Use Case?

For the general kitchen use case and for most people, we recommend the Ninja Foodi blender without question. It offers really strong power, has a large capacity, handles hot and cold mixtures, and the number of blend settings it provides is more than enough to satisfy any home cook.

The only case where we would recommend the Oster Core instead, is if having a dishwasher-safe glass jar is important for you, or the Ninja Foodi model is simply over your budget.

Speaking of budget, if you’re not blending tough ingredients everyday, the BLACK+DECKER and the Hamilton Beach models are also worth considering. Between these two, choose the BLACK+DECKER if you need to crush ice and frozen fruits, and the Hamilton Beach if you want its 12 blending functions instead of the BLACK+DECKER’s simple 4-speed control.

 If you’re looking for a high-speed blender that offers great power, we haven’t been able to find one with glass that we would recommend. However, a good alternative is the JAWZ High Performance blender, which uses BPA-free high-quality plastic instead. You can be sure that it’ll blend anything you throw into it.

As for the Americana and the Russell Hobbs models, we generally wouldn’t recommend them for serious kitchen use. They’re great lookers, but functionality-wise is a little lacking compared to the competitors. This is especially true for the Americana, which only operates at a maximum of 300W, and is meant to be used more as a personal blender.

Can the Glass Jars Be Replaced?

If you’re worried about the glass jar shattering during your ownership of the blender, you’d be pleased to know that some manufacturers sell their blender’s glass jar replacements.

Generally, these are only offered for blenders with a higher price tag. For lower-priced blender models, it doesn’t make much sense economically for the manufacturers to sell these, and they would much rather you purchase an entirely new one instead.

The brands that we have come across that do offer these options include, but are not limited to, Ninja and Oster. Coincidentally (maybe not so), these are the two highest-priced models on our top list.

Can You Freeze Glass Blenders?

The short answer is, yes, you can absolutely put a glass blender in the freezer. However, there is a caveat, being that you run the risk of cracking the glass jar. We generally suggest transferring the contents into another glass container for the purpose of freezing, as blender glass jars are much harder to replace. But if you must, here are some tips to help avoid cracking the jar in the freezer.

When blending for the intention of freezing later, try not to fill too much of the jar. Leave some space and headroom to allow for the liquid to expand when it freezes. Then when it’s time to store it, instead of putting it into the freezer right away, let it cool, put it in the fridge first, and then transfer to the freezer later. This avoids temperature shock to the glass jar.

If possible, leave the lid off as well. In our experience this helps. For some reason this allows for the glass walls to sort of adjust to the expansion and contraction of the frozen liquid better.

person pouring mixture into a blender container
If you’re planning to freeze the glass jar later, don’t fill to the brim.

Wrap Up

Getting a blender that provides you with all the functionalities you need is crucial in saving time in the kitchen. For most people, we recommend going for the Ninja Foodi HB152 with 1400W, as it is able to handle hot and cold mixtures, and has a flurry of programs and sufficient power for your every need.

For more options and specific use cases though, be sure to check out our short guide on choosing the right model for yourself. And don’t forget to click through the links to check the latest prices!

If these particular blenders don’t tickle your fancy, others might. Check out the best vacuum blenders for maximal nutrition preservation, the top blenders made for green smoothies, or if you hate noisy blenders, the quietest blenders out there.

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