The Best Vacuum Blenders in 2021: Nutrition-Preserved Milkshakes and Smoothies

a blender with a few cups of green smoothies

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The new kid on the block of magical kitchen appliances is the vacuum blender. You might have heard things about it. Being able to produce vitamin-rich blends while retaining its original flavor and color, no wonder it quickly becomes many people’s favorite appliance.

If you keep your blends around for some time, vacuum blenders make them stay fresh longer as well. This allows you to easily store your mix around for some time before consuming them, yet feels like it’s just been blended.

In this article, we talk about the advantages of using a vacuum blender, how to shop for one, and our list of top picks for vacuum blenders.

If you’re looking for the best overall vacuum blender, the Nutri Ninja FreshVac blender is our pick. If you’re looking for an automatic pump, the premium Pado Ozen is a fantastic choice.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, the IKICH vacuum blender is priced very low, yet offers good value.

For a Vitamix add-on, check out the BioChef vacuum blending set.

To skip straight to our full list, click here. Or if you need guidance picking the right one for your use cases, read our tips further down the article.

Are Vacuum Blenders Better?

Most people compare vacuum blenders to Vitamix models. In some ways, they’re better. In others, not so much. Let’s start with what makes them a good choice.

The biggest flaw of blending with oxygen is that it promotes separation of the ingredients. Have you experienced times where the water and main ingredients mixture is sort of separated into layers, and don’t really feel cohesive? This is where vacuum blenders excel at.

An oxygen-free blend is able to produce vibrant, fresh-tasting mixes. This is due to the lack of delamination and bubbles in the mixing process. The end result is creamy, retaining more of its original texture, flavor, and color. The mixture also keeps more of its nutrients so it stays vitamin-filled, and generally stays fresh for a longer period of time after making them – making your green smoothies that much more enjoyable.

blender filled with fruit chunks
Never lose the nutrients of your fruit juice again.

So that’s a lot of good stuff. What’s not good though?

Nothing about the process itself actually. But because the concept is such a new one and not many manufacturers have adopted this idea, you are quite limited with choices. There are only a handful models on the market worth looking into, with many still lacking in quality and customer satisfaction.

Don’t worry though, we have compiled a list of the best vacuum blenders you can get on the market right now. Even with little options, you’re still able to bring that vacuum goodness into your kitchen routine.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look For in Vacuum Blenders

Because vacuum blenders are basically just blenders, there’s not much additional to look out for. However, if you’re shopping for a new one, do keep these few points in mind.


Because vacuum blenders are mostly focused on the health-centric demographic, they’re mostly made in personal sizes to fit the active lifestyle better.

If you’re purchasing for kitchen-use mainly, make sure to pick one that has a big container for that purpose. Generally, around 50-60oz is optimal.

blender with a personal blender bottle
Some models also come in a pack of two, offering container sizes for different use cases.


While wattage isn’t everything that makes up the experience of using a blender, it is often important. More wattage equals more power, and more power equals better performance and the ability to crush hard ingredients.

For kitchen-use, the range of 800-1000W is usually sufficient for the typical household.

Automatic vs Manual

Vacuum blenders are all about that pump. While most models come with manual ones, a few include automatic ones. On our list, these are the Pado Ozen and the BioChef Vitamix add-on.

Although not a big deal, if you hate standing there manually vacuuming the air out of the container jug, an automatic pump might be a better fit for you. Simply start the vacuum process, and you can walk away while letting it do its job.

Our Picks of Best Vacuum Blenders

There is admittedly a lack of vacuum blender models on the market right now. It is a pretty new technology and concept, so the awareness of this particular type of product is low. If you’re looking for a Vitamix vacuum blender, you’re out of luck, they don’t make these.

That being said, there still are a few good options that you buy right now, and they’re all laid out for you in the list below (including a hack for Vitamix users out there!).

Best Overall: Nutri Ninja 24oz Blender with FreshVac Technology, 1100W

If you’ve read at least a few of our articles, you’d know that we’re fans of Ninja. The brand constantly puts out quality kitchen appliances, blowing us away time and time again. While their products are a little on the pricier side, they’re not bank-breaking expensive, and often offer very good value.

If you’re not picky about getting a single-serve blender, this is a very good option. It has really high quality construction, and the blending power is more than sufficient to crush through any ice or fruits. The vacuum pump is easy to use, with only a single operation button.

Although it offers very good results, there is one caveat to this unit. It gets really loud when blending! If you particularly hate loud blenders, you might find it slightly annoying to use. If not though, this unit will no doubt provide you many years of satisfied use.

This Ninja vacuum blender is, dare we say, the best personal vacuum blender you can get right now. But if you’re instead looking for more of a countertop blender than a personal one, they got you covered. Ninja also offers a 72oz version with the vacuum pump.


  • High-quality construction and powerful blending
  • One-touch vacuum control is easy to operate
  • Intelligent programs combine pulsing, blending and pausing patterns for perfect blending
  • Includes two 24oz single-serve cups
  • Cups, lid and accessories are dishwasher-safe


  • Very loud when operating

Best Standard: IKICH 53oz Vacuum Blender, 1000W

If you don’t need the extra power from the Nutri Ninja anyway, and would prefer a slightly quieter model, the IKICH blender might be for you. Not only does it offer pretty good value at this price, it even comes with two containers – a 53oz one and a personal 25oz one – and both work with the vacuum.

It comes with an 8-blade titanium stainless steel setup, and while strong, is still held back by its lower wattage. In terms of power and blending performance, the Nutri Ninja definitely takes the cake.

However, this model also has its own advantages. The pre-loaded programs are of a wider range, and offer functionalities such as sauté, soup, even grinding up nuts. It also includes an auto-cleaning functionality, where you can pour in some dishwashing liquid and let it clean itself with a blend cycle. If it needs more serious cleaning, the containers are dishwasher-safe so you’re covered as well.

However, it doesn’t sustain long use very well. Normally, it wears out after a cycle or two of use, and would need some time to cool down in order to function again.


  • Strong titanium stainless steel blades
  • Pre-loaded with intelligent programs for different kinds of blends
  • Safety feature that starts only when the container is loaded on
  • Auto-cleaning functionality, and dishwasher-safe
  • Includes a 25oz portable sports bottle (which also works with the vacuum)


  • Not as powerful as the Nutri Ninja model
  • The unit needs a break after a few minutes of continuous use

Best Value Pick: Klarstein Airakles 50oz Vacuum Blender, 800W

Looking for something even more affordable? This Klairstein blender is offered at an extremely low price, especially for a vacuum model!

This offering from Klarstein is nothing special, really. But it also gets the job done pretty well. If you’re only looking for some basic blending and nothing too powerful or fancy, this is able to satisfy you just as well as the higher-end models.

Because of the price, the construction is understandably not as high-quality as the more expensive ones. The plastic construction doesn’t feel too sturdy, but should hold up pretty well in actual usage. Other than that though, apart from the fairly average blending performance, it offers pretty good value, especially at this price point. However, if you can spend a little more to get the higher-end ones, definitely go for it as they will likely offer better longevity.

Anyway, this model comes in two colors, so you’re able to pick one which suits your kitchen aesthetics better. Something that none other model offers!


  • Affordable price tag
  • 6 stainless steel blades
  • Comes with 7 pre-programmed settings


  • Plastic construction feels cheaply made
  • Poorly-written instructions manual

Best Premium: Pado Ozen 48oz Vacuum Blender, 550W

With this Pado premium blender, it goes to show that rated wattage isn’t everything. Even at only 550W, this offers one of the best blender experiences we have come across.

The main difference between this and the other models, is that the Pado Ozen offers automated vacuuming and blending, integrated into one seamless process.

While other models require you to manually line up the vacuum pump with the blender, and perform the vacuuming process yourself, this does it all for you. All you have to do is to put in ingredients, press a button, and wait for it to finish. In this regard, it performs very similarly to a traditional blender.

It also fits all of this technology in a unique design that is for sure to stand out in your kitchen. Although design boils down to personal preference, the way it is made does have some practical usage as well. It allows for the triple-lock system that the unit has, to ensure even safer blending.

That being said, at the end of the day, wattage still makes a difference. Although not deal-breakingly so, this model is noticeably less powerful than, say, the Nutri Ninja. If you’re just doing normal blending with fruits and the occasional ice though, this model is still able to handle that really well.


  • Unique design
  • Smart functionality allows for automated vacuuming and blending, requiring very little manual work
  • Includes two containers
  • Includes a recipe book
  • UL-certified, making it the first in the world of vacuum blenders


  • Pricey option
  • Wattage still does matter, and is the reason this model lacks a little in power

Best Workaround for Vitamix: BioChef Vacuum Blender Container + Pump

If you already have a trusty Vitamix model at home, you can take advantage of that and grab this add-on instead. This container and vacuum pump from BioChef fits perfectly onto your existing Vitamix blender, and effectively converts it into a vacuum blender.

The set comes with a container jug as well as a vacuum pump. The jug is made of plastic, but it is really high quality and is rated as BPA-free impact-resistant. The vacuum pump is also a joy to use as it is fully automatic, requiring little to none manual intervention on your end. Just fit it to the opening on the lid, and turn it on.

The blade setup in the container is also rather special. While most blender blades come in non-serrated form, this actually has 4 serrated blades and 2 top-facing non-serrated ones. Combined, they crush through hard ingredients like ice or frozen fruits better than regular blades.

However, do note that it doesn’t fit all Vitamix models. The Ascent series is one of them, but for the full list check out the manufacturer’s website, towards the bottom of the page.


  • Container construction is BPA-free impact-resistant plastic
  • Works with your existing Vitamix blender
  • Vacuum pump is fully automatic, requiring little manual intervention
  • 4 serrated side blades crush hard ingredients easily


  • Really pricey for something that comes without the motorized blender base
  • Doesn’t fit all Vitamix models e.g. the Ascent series

How to Pick for Your Use Case?

Picking between these models is quite simple as it all comes down to your budget.

For most people with the money to spend, we recommend getting the Nutri Ninja model. Even though it is priced quite a lot lower than the more expensive Pado Ozen, it is more than sufficient for most people. The quality of the outer construction paired with the performance in real-world usage you get from it is hard to beat. The Pado Ozen is also excellent, but you’d have to be willing to shell out more for mostly just a unique design and smart/automatic functionalities.

If you’re looking for something more affordable though, the IKICH vacuum blender is our recommendation. Although it is not as powerful as the Nutri Ninja and doesn’t sustain continuous usage very well, it offers good value for its price. You could go lower with the Klarstein Airakles, but we feel spending a little more to get the IKICH is a better choice.

Lastly, if you already have a Vitamix and would like to utilize that, the BioChef set turns your existing blender into a vacuum one – and does it really well too. Just make sure your model is compatible with it by checking on the manufacturer’s website!

Wrap Up

Although still fairly new in the kitchen appliance space, vacuum blenders are slowly climbing up the ranks. Many who have used it have vouched for its ability to preserve the original texture and color of the ingredients.

If you’re interested in getting one, be sure to read through our short guide on picking the model for yourself, and follow through the links to check the latest prices. If you’ve just only discovered them, quick – grab for yourself before the secret gets out! 😉

In the meantime, say you would rather get a blender with a glass jar, be sure to check out our other review article. Or, if you’re looking to get a good waffle maker or pancake maker to go with your smoothies (why not?), we’ve got you covered too.

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